• Starmall Plaza Shenyang, Shenyang, China

Starmall Plaza Shenyang, Shenyang, China

Project Details

  • Customer: Starmall Plaza Shenyang, Shenyang, China
  • GLA: 170,000 m² + 55,000 m² IKEA
  • Opened: 2012
  • Developer: StarMall
  • Role: Yiannis Trakadas as Managing Partner of TurkMall
The capital city of Liaoning province. The project plot is located in the central part of Shenyang city, inside the 2 ring road, in old Tiexi District which used to be an industry area of Shenyang. Tiexi District ranks top in population terms of all districts, around 1 million.

The land site of the project is about 180.000 square meters. The project is a four-storey shopping centre and a office building. The total leasing area is approx 130.000 square meters.