Blue Capital is a Real Estate Development company, focusing on developing Commercial Real Estate and Residential projects in Turkey, The Balkans, Russia and North Africa. Blue Capital is cooperating with institutional as well as individual Investors for joint developments.

Besides developing own projects, the company is also providing services to third parties on each stage of the development cycle.

The scope of services include:
  • Advisory on land acquisition
  • Overall Development consultancy
  • Concept generation, analysis and optimisation
  • Construction Coordination
  • Leasing of Commercial Real Estate
  • Asset Management services.
Clients are national as well as international investors and developers. Blue Capital Development has a proven ability in identifying, acquiring, developing, managing and divesting major prime assets and achieving attractive returns

The founder of Blue Capital, Yiannis Trakadas, has more than 10 years experience in Turkey, Greece, China, Russia and northern Africa. Yiannis Trakadas have been deeply involved in Shopping Center Developments, Land-acquisitions, Construction, Leasing and Asset Management services.

For more than 8 years, Yiannis Trakadas had been an executive board member and shareholder of Turkmall, a major development and service company based in Istanbul.

" Our Partners Come First "

At Blue Capital Development we build remarkable collaborations.
We focus at our partnerships and our goals.

You can always talk about it.