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Managing Partner
Blue Capital Development
February 2013 – Present, Istanbul, Turkey

Managing Partner
June 2007 – February 2013, Istanbul, Turkey

Board Member
January 2006 – December 2010, China

Development Manager
June 2005 – June 2007

N&M Petzetakis
January 2001 – June 2005

Yiannis Trakadas was born in 1978 in Athens, Greece. He has a Bachelor degree in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering from Birmingham City University, and a Master’s degree from Warwick University in Engineering Business Management.

In 2005, Trakadas moved to Istanbul, Turkey, and joined the commercial real estate development company Multi Turkmall, dealing primarily with shopping center developments in The Balkans. He continued working in Turkmall as Managing Partner, leading the company’s businesses in China, Russia, North Africa and The Balkans.

Trakadas has been a member of the executive board of Turkmall Group of companies with a development portofolio of 5 million sqm of retail space, between 2007-2013. Also a Board member of Starmall Group in China between 2007 and 2010, which is a JV between FIBA Group and a Sovereign Government Fund from the Gulf.

As Managing Partner at


Turkmall is leading the Turkish shopping center development and investment industry since 1992. Developed more than 80, and completed more than 50 shopping center in 20 years and have added value to their regions and retail partners.

Turkmall have developed approx. 6 million m² retail construction area, resulting in approx. 3 million m² leasable retail space;

With the priority of developing Turkey’s retail market, Turkmall concludes important partnerships in projects which determine the dynamics of the Turkish shopping center industry.

Our partnerships with international groups and our successful JV Company Multi Turkmall have proven our partnership philosophy and our leadership persistence.
We delivered Turkey’s and Europe’s most important award winning shopping center to the market, including Forum Mersin, Forum Istanbul and Bulvar Samsun.

Turkmall brand was further reflected by IKEA franchise partnership for Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria.

Turkmalls partnership with FIBA Holding and SGRF (Sovereign Reserve Fund of Oman) under the name Starmall in China has lead to the construction of Plaza Shenyang one of the biggest shopping centers in North China with the second biggest Ikea in the world.

Turkmall has been awarded with Excellence in Retail and Real Estate prizes such as Best Retail Developer of Western Europe 2011 by World Finance Awards. Others include:

Forum Mersin by ICSC:

Best of Europe Award 2009

Forum Mersin by ICSC:

Best of the Best “World” Award 2010

Bulvar Samsun by ICSC:

Best Urban Regeneration Award of Europe 2013

Bulvar Samsun by ICSC:

Best Downtown Project Award of Europe 2013

Forum Istanbul by Bloomberg:

Best Retail Development 2010